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---Love    This business is originated from love. We love it because eyewear helps us to protect ourselves from ultraviolet radiation; it is convenient for those who are short-sighted or far-sighted; and it is a fashionable product that embellishes our clothes and makes our lives more exciting.

---Focus  Since we have engaged in eyewear industry from 1996, we have been here and will continue to be here,because we believe it is worth doing and worth us spending our life to do it best.

---Responsibility  Due to the medium of eyeglasses, customers from all over the world have met us; however, from meeting to trust, we need an indispensable factor: responsibility. With this concept, we treat every order with care. Therefore, most of our customers have been cooperating with us since the beginning of the acquaintance. Even during special periods (such as during the epidemic), there has been no interruption.

----Passion   Founder is not only passionate about his work, but also about life.  He is also a great cook. Try his Chinese food when it is convenient for you .


We are an eyewear manufacturer and we do our best to produce eyewear that makes the wearer feel comfortable.


Providing high quality eyeglasses and sunglasses in order to make wearers feel comfortable.

First step: Start with the drawing

Before putting each pair of eyeglasses into production, our professional draftsmen must draw a engineering drawing, on which the outline, dimensions and process are clearly indicated. For some difficult technical working, our draftsmen also make three-dimensional images in order to have a three-dimensional intuition. In addition, we also need to make proofing of the 3D mold if necessary.  


Second step : Fine material selection

Materials selection generally requires attention to three key elements:

A: For children's eyewear, safety is the first essential element. We once tried several materials and made a dozen samples to confirm the ingredients of a children's glasses before we finally settled on it.

B: For sunglasses, the most critical thing is sunglasses lenses. Because,there are a lot of lenses available on the market with varying quality.Poor quality lenses not only do not protect the eyes,and even harm. As a responsible manufacturer, we put the customers at the first place, so we must be careful of choosing lens.

C: For some customers, especially short-sighted people, they need to wear glasses all day long,so the weight of the glasses is very important.That`s why we use material with as light as possible,letting glasses wearers feel stress free. Such material are usually expensive or require additional processing in the process.


Third step :Focus on details

The devil is in the details. If this detail of eyeglasses is well -handled,the wearer will feel very comfortable. These details refer to the treatment of technology;such as the surface treatment of the frame,such as size control; such as the docking process at the junction. When customer get a such quality glasses with fine details, they`re gonna to love it.



All eyeglasses meet European standards, Australian standards and USA Standards

Also for some components and technical, we test it to meet high quality standard as well,

like:endurance for the spring hinge, hardness test for sunglasses lens after cutting

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