How to design glasses,making blue print,prototype


Eyeglasses, not only a functional but also a decorative product.

Therefore, we always in high spirits to find some creative impulse, hoping to meet the requirements in terms of function and enhance the beauty at the same time. 

As an optical manufacturer,we are happy to share you with the process from design to drawing and proofing.

Taking the effect of our SPORT 003 as an example, steps are broken down as following:

Sport Eyeglasses

Since these glasses are designed for sports people, there are several details need to take into consideration:

1. Anti-skid effect design in the bridge and the end of templein order to no slide when exercises

2. Manual adjustment for temple in order to keep the glasses from moving with the body

3. Aluminum material used and spring hinge design  for temple  to keep the frames light and reduce the pressure made by temple on the cheek

Sport Eyeglasses

Choosing colors. Even for sports glasses, we try to match colors according  to the  trend: red, blue, and black are the dominant colors, we've taken the recent popularity of transparent color into account.

Sport Eyeglasses

After confirming the above process, we start to make blue printing and 3D effective diagram

Then opening a mold, making prototype to test it and all details again

Sport Eyeglasses 

Physical optical frame coming out

Sport Eyeglasses

Sometimes, you might just want special pattern for your eyewear. 

Here we have an case for your reference:

Sport Eyeglasses

Of course, logo could be customized as well.

Sport Eyeglasses

Regarding packing, it is not our specialist working. But, if you want, we would like do something for you.

Sport Eyeglasses

If you have an idea about eyeglasses and want to make it true, pls tell us, 

we will be happy to explore the world of eyewear with you.

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