Can You Run with Glasses?


Can You Run with Glasses?

For runners with poor vision, running without glasses can leave you in a blurry world, increasing the risk of tripping, stepping off the curb, or stumbling on trails. A common question that arises is, can you run with glasses? Absolutely. You can definitely run with prescription glasses or sunglasses. In fact, if you're nearsighted and need glasses for distance vision, wearing glasses (or contact lenses) while running is likely safer than running without them, as it can prevent the risks of tripping, blurry vision-induced headaches, or injury in traffic.

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However, running with glasses does come with its challenges. Glasses may fog up or slip off your nose while running, or even fall off your face entirely, posing a risk of breakage. While some runners opt to circumvent the challenges of running with glasses by wearing contact lenses, many find contact lenses uncomfortable or impractical. If you're running with glasses or looking for a good pair of running sunglasses to protect your eyes, read on for our guide to running with glasses.


Running with Glasses: 10 Tips

Fortunately, although running with glasses may seem to present many potential challenges, there are effective strategies or tips to mitigate these issues:


Wear Sports Glasses Suitable for Running: Choose sports glasses that fit your face shape well. Frames that are too loose may slip and bounce. A tighter frame will be easier to run with. Additionally, opt for lighter frames to enhance comfort.


Opt for Glasses with Nose Pads: Adjustable nose pads, especially rubber ones, can prevent glasses from sliding and bouncing while running.


Use a Sports Strap: A snugly fitting sports strap around your glasses is the best safety measure to prevent annoying bouncing and slipping and to prevent glasses from falling off while running.


Opt for Anti-Fog Lens Treatments: You can purchase running sunglasses with special anti-fog lenses, or apply anti-fog spray to the lenses before each run. Swimmers also use these anti-fog products for goggles.


Wear a Sweatband: Wearing a sweatband while running with glasses can collect sweat on your forehead, reducing the chance of sweat getting into your glasses. This can minimize fogging, droplets on the lenses, or slipping due to moisture.


Clean Glasses After Running: To prevent sweat damage, wipe your glasses with a baby wipe or glasses cleaner after each run. Make sure to get into the hinges and wipe both the lenses and frames.


Use Transition Lenses: If you often find yourself running in low light conditions, such as during trail runs through wooded areas, transition lenses can better adapt to changing lighting conditions and sunlight exposure, optimizing your visibility.


Opt for Glare-Reducing Lenses: Glare-reducing lenses can minimize halos caused by lights, making running with glasses safer and more comfortable in the dark.


Wear a Hat or Visor Along with Glasses: When running with glasses in the rain, wearing a hat or visor can protect your glasses from direct rainwater.


Purchase Glasses Designed for Sports: Nowadays, there are glasses and sunglasses specifically designed for wearing during running, cycling, exercising, or sports. These sports glasses feature lighter, aerodynamic frames and lenses that better conform to the face. The design of the lenses and frames also includes impact resistance to prevent glasses from falling off while running.

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