Runners, Don't Be Shy: Wearing Sports Sunglasses Isn't Just a Show


Runners, Don't Be Shy: Wearing Sports Sunglasses Isn't Just a Show


For many people, the biggest expense associated with running is purchasing running gear. Running shoes and shorts are essentials for everyone, and then based on individual needs, we choose appropriate socks, decide whether we need a waist pack, and consider items like arm sleeves for sun protection or warmth. Of course, a sports watch has become a staple for most people since many value the data it provides during runs. After all, receiving praise from others for our achievements is something nobody can resist. Sometimes, as runners, when our abilities are average, we might feel a bit embarrassed wearing overly professional gear while running. This is a common sentiment.

 Sports Sunglasses

There's one piece of equipment that we believe is essential: sports sunglasses. However, many casual runners still think that wearing sports sunglasses is a bit pretentious, especially if they're just maintaining an average pace of around six minutes per kilometer. But let's not misunderstand this; if you still hold this view, then you simply don't understand the true purpose of this gear. Generally, sports sunglasses serve three main purposes.


The first purpose is to prevent sweat from getting into our eyes while running, as the salt in sweat can cause discomfort and irritation. Sports sunglasses effectively serve as a substitute for sweatbands in this regard. The second purpose is to cover up. When we're running too fast or for too long, our facial expressions can become unattractive. Sunglasses can effectively mask this, especially during marathon races where many cameras are focused on us. We wouldn't want to look bad in photos taken after the race, right? The third purpose is to block the wind. While running, wind can carry various debris that might make its way into our eyes, causing discomfort. Sports sunglasses are effective at blocking this wind. Moreover, they are lightweight and won't add significant weight to our run, usually weighing just a few grams. Therefore, I believe they should be the first choice for runners. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive, with prices around 100 yuan, making them affordable for everyone.


Understanding the many benefits of sports sunglasses, I'm sure everyone will no longer consider wearing them as just a show. Sometimes, as runners, it's important to have a deep understanding of running. This will help us run more smoothly and enjoyably because dopamine and endorphins are the catalysts for the joy of running. Only by fully understanding running can we have reasonable solutions to all the issues that may arise during our runs. Sharing experiences with other runners is also a crucial way for us to understand running better. I hope all runners can understand this.

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